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Smog check Temecula

Smog Check

Smog Check Services:

We Smog Test all Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Vans, RV’s

We smog check All DMV required Smog Test:


Test only smog check

Out of State smog test

Diesel smog inspection

Title transfer smog test

Vehicle registration smog

Gross Polluter certification.

Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Renewals

Vehicle Registration Renewal - It’s That Time of Year - You Need to Renew Your Registration

Dealing with this yearly trip to the DMV office is a huge hassle, but you can get this chore done much faster by coming in to our quick service location, ordering online, or calling us for instant processing.

You will get your registration documents immediately if you make an in-person visit to our office. 

Title Transfer Speedy Smog

Title Transfer Processing for the Lucky New Vehicle Owner

You can get a title transferred without delay with our speedy service. We can also help you determine if you need to have a smog check or pay transfer taxes and fees. Just call us or come in to have your questions answered by a friendly staff member.

Documents Needed: Signed Title, If Title is lost or stolen Bill of sale, Reg 262 and Duplicate Title Reg 227,Smog Check (Test Only, or STAR)

When buying:

Make sure the seller has filled out the title.

Verify there is no lienholder, or that the lienholder has signed off on the car title.

Verify the mileage and the odometer disclosure statement, if required.

Complete a smog check.

Pay the $45 vehicle title transfer fee and all use tax fees to the CA DMV within 30 days of the purchase date

(failure to do so will result in penalties).

Smog Check Star

Order Duplicate Registration Documents (Stickers/Plate/Card)

If you suddenly realize that you don’t have the license plate, stickers/tags, or registration card that you need to drive legally, then please don’t panic. We will provide you with the forms and assistance you need to file a request for duplicate registration documents.

You can have the paperwork processed by us without having a long, stressful wait.

All applicants will need to file the Application for Replacement, Plates, Stickers, Documents (REG 156) form and should bring their DMV Letter, if applicable. Depending on the exact circumstances, other documents that may be needed include:

• Smog Check – Test or STAR (Depending on Vehicle)

• Proof of Ownership

• California Driver’s License or ID Card (or out-of-state with secondary ID)

• A Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form

• Remaining Plates, Registration Card, etc.

Out of State Transfer

Out of State Transfers

 Moving to California?

We can take care of your paperwork and provide you new California plates, California Registration and a California Title. All in a Speedy Time.

Here is what you will need: 

An Application for Title or Registration (REG 343) 

Out-of-State Title or Proof of Ownership

A Verification of Vehicle

Smog Check

Appropriate Fees

No Worries we do it all for you! 

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Vin Verifications


VIN Verification Process enables automobile dealership marketers to verify the car ownership on record within their dealership database. Though a sophisticated process involving the Vehicle Identification Number, date last visited to dealership, and title transfer information, we can flag those previous car buyers who still own the vehicle on record while identifying those who no longer own that particular car.